Bilawal urges Investigation into Ayesha Gulalai revelations

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KARACHI: Voicing concerns over former PTI leader Ayesha Gulalai’s disclosures about the PTI chief, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday urged investigation into her revelations.

In a statement, the PPP chief termed insecurity of women’s honour as a stigma on politics. He assured that the PPP would not compromise on respect of women. Bilawal said that his party would raise voice for the protection of women’s respect and honour.

Earlier, prominent female lawmaker of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Aaisha Gulalai quit Imran Khan’s party, saying there’s ‘no respect for women’ in the PTI.

Elected MNA on reserved seat for women, Gulalai has been one of the most active female members of PTI. She is the second noted figure to have quit the party after Karachi-based Naz Baloch parted ways, saying that it has become the ‘male chauvinist’ party.

Giving the reasons she said, “PTI is no more the party they claim to be and workers are not given importance.” Gulalai cited ill-treatment of women in the party as the reason for her decision. She said that she had conveyed her grievances to the party leadership but no action was taken, forcing her to take the decision.

“Women workers are not valued in the PTI,” Gulalai said, adding that she will not be voting for Sheikh Rashid in the prime minister election in National Assembly on Tuesday. Ayesha, who remained absent from the Assembly today to cast crucial vote for the election of the new prime minister scheduled at 3 p.m., said that she has left PTI because women get no respect in the party.

Saying that she would not have voted for PTI’s candidate for prime minister even if she had been present in the Assembly, Ayesha added that she would announce her plans and future course of action soon.

PTI is fast turning a party of corrupt people which is being joined by corrupts of the other parties. Women’s honor are not safe from Imran Khan and his close colleagues. Nothing worth more to a Pakhtun than his honor which is just not safe in PTI, she alleged.

Nothing has changed in Khyber Pakhtwankhwa province and corruption is on the peak there, PTI is in the control of helicopterwallas, she said adding that she would make further big disclosures at a press conference tomorrow.

Another female politician, Naz Baloch, had quit the party earlier this month to join PPP claiming that only male members were given importance and women party workers were kept at a distance while the youth was restricted only to social media.



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