Bilawal’s tirade

The administrative action of Islamabad Police to stop the highly charged PPP workers from reaching the National Accountability (NAB) Office infuriated Bilawal Bhutto zardari. After appearance before NAB he held a press conference in flamboyant tone and tenor. He referred to the tragedy of cessation of former East Pakistan and described the formation of one unit by administratively uniting the four western federating units as the only factor. He demanded issuance of production orders for PTM lawmaker Ali Wazir and probe into the matter of an engineered video against the head of a state institution. He repeated his threat of agitation politics after Eid.

At the Iftar dinner of PPP Chairman of PPP Chairman the leadership of opposition political parties had mandated Central Amir of JUI (F) Maulana Fazlu Rehman to call an All Parties Conference (APC) for deciding future line of action. Right from the day one he had refused to accept the results of July, 2016 general elections and was in favour of agitation against the government. However, previously the leadership of main opposition Party PML-N and PPP did not support it. Tightening of noose around the PPP leadership in mega money laundering case has provided the pretext to it to take recourse to street politics which will serve no useful purpose except political instability.

The history of agitation politics in Pakistan has produced undesirable results for the political parties that participated in violent protest against the sitting governments. It had hampered the continuity of democratic process. The termination of governments in 1958, 1968 and 1977 as result of mass agitation are an open chapter of the political history of Pakistan. From 2002 and onward the democratic journey is moving forward and must continue to the establishment of functional and true democracy.

It is blatant distortion of historical facts to project the formation of one unit in 1956 as a primary driver for the creation of Bangladesh. It may be recalled that Basha Andolan in 1948 against declaring Urdu as state language had no linkage with the formation of one unit later. On 21 March Quid-i-Azam addressed huge public rally at Ramna Race Course Naidan, later renamed Suhurdwardy Uddyan, and warned the people of East Pakistan to be on guard against the activities of “subversive elements” which according to the Father of Nation were out to destroy Pakistani Muslims. It was the postponement of first National Assembly meeting in Dhaka after 1970 polls because of obduracy of West Pakistan majority party leader Z.A Bhutto that enabled India to play its hand and achieve its long cherished goal of dividing Pakistan. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged Bangladeshi Prime Minster Hasina Wajid in a speech at Dhaka University on June 7, 2015 to tell the current generation how Indian Military in the garb of Mukti Baheni had remained involved in the creation of Bangladesh.

It is the prerogative of National Assembly Speaker to issue production order for a member of the Assembly enabling him to attend the on going sessions. Speaker Asad Qiasar has exercised this power in the cases of leader of the opposition Shabaz Sharif and another PML-N leader Khwaja Saad Rafiq. They were under the probe of NAB on corruption charges. However, Ali Wazir MNA is under the investigation of counter terrorism department, the nature of which is different from the earlier ones. It would be worthwhile that PPP leadership contest their corruption and money laundering cases in law courts instead of taking to the streets for creating political instability and chaos in the country by ignoring regional situation.