Bill of Particulars filed against Koons Motors

F.P Report

Washington DC: A civil case in Arlington Virginia, Muhammad filed his bill of particulars against cars dealership company, Koons Motors.

Case number 20-358 filed by Muhammad against Thomas Mirza, who is Director Sales of Koons Motors in Virginia is due for trial on March 29, 2021.

Muhammad was suppose to file his Bill of Particulars against Koons Motors on or before 12th February. 
Muhammad in his Bill of Particulars against Koons Motors stated that Koons Motors not once but twice did a breach of contract. 

Muhammad further stated that consumer rights, ethics and prejudice are terms which are not known to Koons Motors and nor is the senior management of Koons Motors aware of the importance of any such terms.  

According to the copy of the Bill of Particulars against Koons Motors, a copy of which is available with The Frontier Post, Muhammed has attached images of all his communication with Koons Motors and office of Attorney General Virginia. 

Muhammad also highlighted the importance of Ethics by quoting Ronald Duska, Markkula Center Chair of Ethics who had said that  “ If you accumulate for the sake of accumulation, accumulation becomes the end, and if accumulation is the end, there’s no place to stop”.