Bina Goindi new book “Bassad Ahtaaram” is a spiritual memoir

Washington DC: “Bassad Ahtraam” is a socio – spiritual memoir carries an extreme level of literary touch. These articles have sensitivity and particularly the language used depicts the immense and deeper eye of author, BINA Goindi, on the minor issues of society. She is believer of God and lover of nature which is what leads her way to human hearts, regardless of her many hurdles.
She is Pakistani but she resided in USA for a long period of time ; so she has experienced both societies very closely. The comparison of both cultures and ideology left a deeper impact on her personality , thought process and writings.
She still believes that God created this universe through a uniform balanced formula , which, when applied anywhere on earth, yields similar results. She has witnessed brutality, extremism, and terorism by both the wealthy and poor, religious and non religious, modern and uncivilized societies. But along with that she has observed the empirical association with spiritual content of the human race, in all cultures.
Her new book “Bassad Ahtarram” comprises on 37 articles about events , people, and her own impressions (e.g Globilisation, covid -19,life after and feministic behavior in different socio -historical system). While we read اعتراف and میرا پہلا قاری really in history of literature a new idea of a letter of a newly deceased person from heaven to the love ones . She has firm belief that God created science and scientists just keep on finding the hidden messages of God. As Columbus discovered America so as a scientist discover these hidden creations. So being spiritual is being scientific. Being scientific is being ethical and being ethical is being the person of God.
The articles are written chronologically about current situations but include important impacts of history as well.
I should say that it is a well written book for a people of all ages, all cultures, and societies.