Birth of a living baby from womb of a dead woman

Saqib Mushtaq

LODHRAN: Tribute to the performance of Dr. Irfan Zafar, in-charge of Rural Health Center 231 / WB District Lodhran and Dr. Saima Abdul Jabbar, Female Medical Officer on the successful operation of giving birth to a baby girl from the womb of a pregnant woman Shaukia Bibi who was brought to the health center in a dead condition.

Dr. Saima, a female medical officer of Chak No. 231 WB Rural Health Center (RHC) on the outskirts of Dunyapur Tehsil of Lodhran District, has set a shining example by serving humanity. Shaukia Bibi, a resident of Ada Zakhira village, 10 km away from the Rural Health Center, who had died of natural causes, was also nine months pregnant. Upon confirmation of the woman’s death, when the nearest Rural Health Center was contacted, the lady doctor said that you should immediately bring the dead body of the dead woman to the Rural Health Center so that the baby in Shahid’s womb is alive because according to medical science.

After the death of a person, some parts of the body remain in motion for some time. In this context, the dead woman was brought to the hospital. C-section with limited medical & surgical instruments. Operation C-section was successful and the baby girl was handed over to her father. However, the dead woman was buried by her relatives in the graveyard after the funeral prayers. While on the one hand there was the grief of the death of the amateur Bibi, on the other hand the joy of the living child from the womb of the dead woman surprised everyone.

Member National Assembly Muhammad Shafiq Arain said that all human beings are equal but Allah Almighty for testing human beings some of them are apparently strong, some are weak, some are worldly, some are ignorant, some are healthy, some are sick, some are active. Makes someone lazy. In such a situation, a good person but a real person is one who stays away from hatred, free from arrogance and pride. Humanity is that the rich should sympathize with the poor and the wise with the ignorant and help them.

Asia Malik, District President women’s youth wing Tehreek-e-Insaf Lodhran (PTI) while paying homage to Dr. Saima, said that whenever humanity began to be divided into classes and castes, human character and attitudes began to perish. He sent the guided servants for the welfare of human beings. These close and honorable people of Allah Almighty also taught human beings that human beings are one and the same and they should treat each other positively.

Deputy Commissioner Lodhran and Secretary Health South Punjab have also commended both the doctors by giving certificates of appreciation. Other state machinery should also participate more and more. Secretary Health South Punjab Muhammad Iqbal said that the maternity operation of a woman who was brought dead in a rural health center with very limited resources is a testament to her professionalism.

Doctors like you are paying homage to being a true Messiah, he added, adding that the service of suffering humanity should be served as worship as it is the best means of attaining nearness to God along with the prayers of the people. The Health Secretary further urged the doctors to continue working responsibly and diligently in the future as well. The services of doctors like you are invaluable, you are the real asset of the department and a beacon for others.