Blinken says world needs

Blinken says world needs American leadership

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WASHINGTON DC: Antony J. Blinken, the 71st Secretary of State on Wednesday held a conversation with Ambassador Smith in which he said that the world needs American leadership and we will provide it. He also remarked that he will put a premium on diplomacy with U.S allies and partners to meet the great challenges.

Secretary Blinken has served previously first in the Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs and most recently as Deputy Secretary of State.

While commenting over the mob attack on the U.S Capitol, Secretary of State said that, “we’ve never been in a moment quite like this before”. 

He also added that, “the President is committed to getting us through it as quickly as possible, so that very soon, we can all gather in person again and have confidence that the foundations of our democracy are strong”.

Moreover he also emphasized that, “we need the most creative workforce. We cannot do our job of advancing America’s interests, values, and commitment to democracy without a State Department that is truly representative of the American people”.

Secretary of State under Biden administration ensured the citizens of U.S saying that, “I’ll be forthright with you, because transparency makes us stronger”. 

He also added that, “I’ll seek out dissenting views and listen to the experts, because that’s how the best decisions are made.  And I will insist that you speak, and speak up, without fear or favor. And I will have your back”.

One of the great attributes of U.S Foreign and Civil Services throughout history has been your nonpartisanship, he said.

While commenting over the changing geo-political situation of the world, Secretary of State added that, “the world is watching us intently right now. 

They want to know if we can heal our nation, he also mentioned that, “they want to see whether we will lead with the power of our example, if we’ll put a premium on diplomacy with our allies and partners to meet the great challenges of our time like the pandemic, climate change, the economic crisis, threats to democracies, fights for racial justice, and the danger to our security and global stability posed by our rivals and adversaries”.

Secretary of State remarked that the American people are watching us, too and they want to see that we’re safeguarding their wellbeing that we care about their interests that our foreign policy is about them and their lives.”

Moreover, Secretary of State ensured the citizens by saying that, “we will do right by them – by pursuing a foreign policy that delivers real benefits to American families, protects their safety, advances their opportunities, honors their values, and leaves their children and grandchildren a healthier and more peaceful world”. He added, the United States has enormous sources of strength; we’re going to build upon them. He also mentioned that, America’s values are noble and powerful – and we will recommit to them”.

Secretary of State expressed his views over emerging challenges saying that, “America’s leadership is needed around the world, and we’ll provide it, because the world is far more likely to solve problems and meet challenges when the United States is there”.

He also commented that, “America at its best still has a greater capacity than any other nation on Earth to mobilize others for the better”.

While concluding his address, Secretary of State added that, the State Department will be central to all of this.  I know you’re ready.  I am too.  We’re in the arena together.  We do work that matters”.

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