Blood is cheaper than water

Noor Ali Khan Khattak

Destiny cannot be altered but with persistent prayers. Let us pray collectively before God, the Cherisher of the universe to descend peace to the Earth which is persistently being shattered by forces of evil. Man is the established crown of creation and in his presence the world is turned into a hellfire. “As flies to the wanton boys, are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport.” The first fight on earth was between the sons of Adam which has now enormously multiplied.

Muslim congeries were mercilessly killed by bullets, flames and petrol bombs today. Early after Fajr prayer in the UK, news was aired of hate-filled terrorist attacks in two mosques (AL Noor and Lenten in the Christ Church street) leaving 49 Muslim congeries dead in New Zealand, a country which gained full statutory independence in 1947 the same year as India and Pakistan. The country ranks high in the quality of life, education, health, the protection of civil liberties and economic freedom. But all this seems to be a false show of the protection and security of liberties where no one rushed to the rescue of helpless and armless worshippers. The terrorist after having taken lives confidently walked around to make sure that all the corpses have moaned to death. I start by asking a simple question as to whether New Zealand has any security forces at all to combat terrorism especially in wake of the current global scenario where CIA, RAW and MUSAD actively pursue their ulterior designs to kill on massive scale and capture rich resources of others to quench the lusty desires and false image of respectability of their people? The fake 9/11 paved the way for America and her allies to kill Muslims in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Philistine and elsewhere. Did they aim to restore the so called peace and the so called democracy which they are famed for in the countries they destroyed by cluster and the mother of all bombs and missiles killing women and children, sick and the elderly? I salute Pakistan Army and the people of Pakistan who sustained substantial losses both of life and matter but blocked Russia and America from further advance up to hot seas. Both the giants had no other choice but to turn their hated backs shamefully on Afghanistan. They thronged the roads and paraded the streets of Afghanistan for 38 long years without any tangible gains. Afghanistan is lucky enough to have a neighbour like Pakistan who sheltered Afghans and their families with honour and respect. Iran repulsed the flow of refugees from her land. India did a lip service by allowing visa service to Afghan students whereas Pakistan allowed the refugee influx without visa restrictions. It will be quite a debated issue if I go back into the relations of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. But the fact is that Afghanistan and Iran abortively and shamefully support terrorist India and Israel. It is also a fact that Pakistan is surrounded by shameless neighbours and I honestly opine that Pakistan and its people’s hearts always throb with the sufferings of the people of Iran and Afghanistan. Hindus and rest of the world only use them against Pakistan. Muslims all over the world feel surprised and ask how Iran and Afghanistan support India and Israel? The pathans say that a Pashtun cousin is a thick cunt to kill his own cousin through alien gun. If you cannot subdue your cousin then to kill him through foreign support tantamount to violating the sacredness of Pashtun blood. Let us put it for Iran and Afghanistan how they deal with this neighbour-Pakistan who has fought and still fights their battle. I sincerely apologize for having digressed from the main topic of expressing unity, solidarity and a sense of grief with the martyrs of New Zealand terrorist attack but out of sheer emotional sway I talked about such glaring facts as a true afghan and true neighbour of Iran and Afghanistan.    

Yes, America and Israel plundered the rich resources of Iraq and killed her people on the pretext that they have acquired nuclear capability. Was it true as later on the American media revealed and confessed that air attack on Iraq was pre-mature?  So the aim was to crush Saddam and his rich oil resources.

Moreover, they hanged him on festive day utterly disregarding the religious feelings of the Muslim world. Has the man sitting in the white house got any licence from above to heap up nuclear weapons barring others from doing so in self-defence? Then was Gaddafi targeted and killed to capture oil resources of Libya for use by the blood thirsty American and Israeli army. So were Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. I am sure your thirst for blood can only be quenched if the Muslims resorted to raise arms in waging Jehad against the infidels as they did in the crusades.

If the Arab elites stop conjugating white women and reserve their rich resources for the wellbeing of their own people which they have started realising now, my conviction says that America, Israel and India will be isolated and hated states in the comity of nations. The civilised western communities are licenced killers Muslims and plunderers of their rich resources. They call them fundamentalists and narrow nationalists. Let me say that the concept of fundamentalism and nationalism in Islam, is the belief in the oneness of God, the belief in the sanctity of life, the belief in honour and lawful belongings of others. The last address of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) is the first charter of human rights before Magna Karta. Is this evil to respect humanity and protect it from tyrannies of the tyrants? If this is evil let us do it together since on the day of judgement we will be asked as to how and where we spent our lives, how we utilized our knowledge and how we spent our money and resources. This way we can make the earth a peaceful planet.

The civilized west has polluted space with their satellites hovering to devise ways and means of killing earthly creatures. Their drug addicted men and women and alcohol consumers go naked on roads howling like hungry jackals and stab people in the street to death since a person under the influence of drug or alcohol are unpredictable and any time, can pose a threat as they did in New Zealand mosque attack. According a news report after the sickening rampage was over, the terrorist allegedly a racist was praising the chivalrous American President – Trump. This heralds the revival of the history of crusades and the world is purposely dragged into a decisive third world war between the Muslim world and the Christendom. Let us strive to put an end to this for ourselves, our families and future generations.