National Chamber of the country i-e Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry

BMP: Reputation of country’s national chamber on stake due to lack of business plan

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LAHORE: Due to lack of business plan, the National Chamber of the country i-e Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) is losing its identity in the public sector as well as in international bodies, said the Businessmen Panel (BMP).

In a joint statement issued here on Sunday, Vice Chairman BMP Sheikh Aslam and Secretary General (Punjab) Mian M Usman Zulfiqar said for the last almost four years, the FPCCI was converted into public relations company, the federation is least interested to play its viable role for the formulation of policies through the government.; that’s why we don’t seen Federation Chambers anywhere which is a matter of great concern for the business community of this country.

They said that since the start of 2018 the FPCCI closed its Quetta Regional Office, similarly the Regional Office of Peshawar facing acute shortage of staff and even no alternative of the electricity in time of load shedding. The Vice President FPCCI KPK doesn’t even bother to come in its Regional Office Peshawar, so how they can solve the problems of KPK traders and industrialists.

On the other hand the Research and Development (R&D) department of the FPCCI is lacking with the professional expertise.

Today Head of R&D of the FPCCI was before the PSO of the President, so you can imagine the quality work of its R&D. Yet we don’t see any research papers and any comparative study on any subject which is linked with the economy of Pakistan.

If you talk about the budget proposals, in the Ishaq Dar tenure not the single recommendation of the FPCCI was taken care; but after every budget the FPCCI is bound to please the government efforts regarding budget due to its vested interest. Is this the role of national chamber of any country; they questioned?

Parallel there is no effective international desk in the FPCCI who can even brief the Government on any recommendation regarding bilateral trade.

As well as there is no Steering Committee of FPCCI who may meet from time to time to deliberate on major government policies of concern to Pakistani business and also advises the Executive Committee of FPCCI on the issues to be taken up with the Government, which can also discusses major global and domestic trends and debates fresh ideas and perspectives on business and economy which must comprises National Experts from different fields and includes all Past Presidents of FPCCI.

They also highlighted that the FPCCI Secretary General Office is a like a post office for the Parton In Chief of the United Business Group and Former CEO TDAP. However in the tenure of the SM Muneer the TDAP has lost its relevance badly, as it was not facilitating exports.

They told the TDAP has failed to deliver on its mandate mainly because of wrong priorities and changing export patterns over the years and once again the SM Muneer closed friend Gulzar Firoz who was also the spokesperson of the ruling group UBG of FPCCI has succeeded as a member of Board of Director of the TDAP through effective lobbying. This shows that Muneer has still eye on the whelm of the affairs of the TDAP.



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