BOI agrees to hold roadshows, investment conferences in US

ISLAMABAD (INP): The US-Pakistan International Chamber of Commerce (USPICC) on Wednesday invited Board of Investment (BOI) to hold investment conferences and roadshows in the US to attract investment for Pakistan.
The invitation was extended on behalf of Chairman Siddique Sheikh and President Sajjad Qamar of USPICC by the businessmen representing the Pakistan Chapter of the body.
Muhammad Ahmed, President, and Malik Sohail Hussain, Secretary-General Muhammad of the Pakistan Chapter of USPICC offered full cooperation in this regard while meeting with the Secretary BOI Fereena Mazhar, DG BOI Jamil Qureshi was also present at the occasion.
They said that USPICC will assist BOI in holding roadshows in New York, Washington, and other cities to introduce goods and services offered by Pakistan to bring investors, customers, and partners together.
BOI should lead a high-powered delegation of officials and entrepreneurs to the US and we will assist them to hold investment roundtables at New York, Washington, and Brooklyn with leading businessmen in which Congressmen will also be present, they said.
Investors will be informed that Pakistan is strategically located to become Asia’s leading trade, energy, and transport corridor.
It is also the doorway to the mineral-rich Afghanistan, energy-rich Central Asian States, the financially liquid Gulf States and the economically advanced Asian tigers, they added.
Muhammad Ahmed said that investors in the US will be told that our investment policy has been designed to help create conducive business environment and that liberalization, de-regulation, privatization, and facilitation are cornerstones of our policies.
He added that the emerging situation has increased the importance of Pakistan and our economy has shown resilience to the shocks and has performed better than some of the neighboring countries.
Secretary BOI Fereena Mazhar lauded the initiatives and said that they would plan to visit the US with a delegation to achieve objectives in the US market through B2B meetings and signing MOUs with different companies.
She thanked USPICC leaders for offering assistance so that Pakistan can extend its economic footprint on the US market.
She said that 55 percent of our population is below the age of 19, we have a strong middle class and we have a large pool of trained and experienced engineers, bankers, lawyers, and other professionals. The consumer market in Pakistan is growing at a very fast pace which is a great opportunity for foreign investors.