Book and visual art exhibition held in Kabul

KABUL (TOLOnews): A two-day book exhibition is being held in Kabul from May 10–11 on the eve of national book week in Afghanistan.
The goal of holding such exhibitions, according to the exhibition’s organizers, is to promote the nation’s reading culture.
“The purpose of this exhibition is to show the students’ art to the public and the media so that people are encouraged to do art,” said Diana, the organizer of the exhibition.
“We ask the Islamic Emirate to provide us with the opportunity to participate in foreign exhibitions,” said Bashir Ahmad, another organizer of the exhibition said.
Meanwhile, artists and booksellers asked the Islamic Emirate to support women. “We ask them to reopen schools and universities and jobs for women and give women a share in all affairs,” said Arezo, a trainer of painting.
“Our visitors are both male and female, but in this exhibition, the females have a greater presence,” said Leila, a bookseller.
“Today we conducted an exhibition here to show the paintings that we worked on for several years,” said Fatema, the painting teacher.
Some participants of the exhibition praised the organizing of such exhibitions. “We are very happy to have useful books and great paintings,” said Habiba, a visitor.
Over 172 paintings and 500 books are on display in this exhibition, which is open to visitors for two days.