Border protection IEA main responsibility

KABUL (Agencies): The commander of the 215th Azam Army Corps, while visiting from the Iran-Afghanistan border, said that the Islamic Emirate considers set protection borders one of its main priorities and responsibility.
The commander of 215 Azam Army Corps, Alhaji Mullah Sharafuddin “Taqi”, ahead of a delegation traveled to Nimroz province to assess the checkpoints located on the border with Iran, Defense Ministry said.
The commander of the 215 Azm army corps held talks with top local officials of Nimroz province to discuss further strengthening of security of borders, according to the Ministry.
Referring to the recent conflicts, the commander of the 215 Azam Army Corps said, the Islamic Emirate pledged protection of borders as one of its main responsibility and is also devoted to establishing diplomatic ties with neighboring countries, the Ministry added.
Likewise, he called the border forces the defenders of the borders, territorial integrity, and independence of the country and promised to cooperate in addressing their problems.