“Boring President”. What Americans think of Biden

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Vladimir Kulagin

Exactly a year ago – November 7, 2020 – the American media calculated that the required number of electors for the presidential elections in the United States would receive Democrat Joe Biden. The first 10 months of his rule were remembered for both failures (escape from Afghanistan, migration crisis on the southern border) and controversial policy towards Russia. Gazeta.Ru asked the Americans who supported Biden whether they regretted their decision, and asked about their opinion on the rule of a Democrat supporter of Trump.
Edward Bunches, professor

  • I voted for Biden last year. I am not very disappointed in his reign. This is a return to the usual state, which I wanted to see. Without the infantile behavior of the president.
    To be honest, Biden is a boring president. But this was to be expected. No more squabbles, no more public contempt for the press, for the educated, for non-white Americans. He’s just a president.
    As for Afghanistan, the situation there was unstable from the very beginning. Biden there inherited a failed policy and a lost war. His hands were tied due to the failures of previous presidents and [ex-President] Donald Trump’s peace accords.
    It seems to me that Biden did the right thing, no matter how hard it was to see the Taliban (an organization banned in Russia) come to power, there was no alternative. Western politics and approach have led Afghanistan to disaster. After all, the United States and the West controlled only a few provinces, and Afghanistan itself was too dependent on foreign aid to develop.
    Our only success there was the local population’s access to information about the world around us. I hope this will continue under the Taliban.
    I see that Biden’s migration policy has gotten a little out of control. But at the same time, I do not understand what he can do about it. He also has a legacy there from the times of President Barack Obama, for whom he worked as vice president. As far as I understand, people are being arrested at the border more and more often, but there are more and more migrants there.
    But in America, immigration has always been an acute problem. It seems to me that no president or the composition of the Congress will be able to solve it. In the United States, it is easy to hire migrants who agree to low-paying jobs. We praise those who are successful, but ignore the problems of those who, in our opinion, are simply seeking our resources. It is rather a sociocultural problem even. We have long needed a conversation about the country in which we want to live and move on.
    Daniel Everitt, Accounting Assistant
  • I supported Biden last year. Although I immediately realized that not all goals will be achieved, primarily due to the polarization between Republicans and Democrats.
    The former want to do everything to make the current administration fail, in retaliation for the defeat of Donald Trump. And Democrats have significant disagreements within their party on ideological issues.
    So I’m disappointed, but rather not by Biden, but by the failure of Congress to achieve anything meaningful. Republicans and moderate Democrats hold the legislation hostage.
    Border problems are a direct consequence of a disgusting dung heap called Donald Trump. It was he who caused the crisis, violating the basic American principle: to provide shelter to those fleeing threats to their lives in their country. Trump has always hated people of color and people who come from other countries. Trump abused his powers, so in 2020 he was taken out of the White House.
    The Biden administration no longer keeps refugees waiting in Mexico. But we must improve the conditions for their stay: provide normal places to live and provide good medical care, especially for young children. I believe that Biden and Kamala Harris are trying to do this, but it will take a long time.
    I have very mixed emotions about the situation in Afghanistan. While we really wanted to benefit the people of Afghanistan, we failed to achieve anything significant. This is because we did not fully understand Afghan history and culture. You cannot impose a form of government that contradicts the history, culture and life experience of the inhabitants.
    If we were well aware of the history of Afghanistan and modern forms of government (tribal or religious), there would be a better chance of finding something that would please the locals. And in the American government there were utopians who wanted to implant democracy. From their point of view, it would serve the national interests of the United States, and put Putin in an awkward position.
    As a result, our withdrawal from Afghanistan served Putin well, who is happy to use the moment to benefit the Russian economy. Sorry, of course, but it is also noticeable that Putin likes to mock the Americans because of his failure there.
    It’s just as disgusting to me that the hatred of Americans and Russians for each other brings the world closer to disaster. I would like the outdated views on each other to disappear, so that we can begin to truly understand and appreciate each other. Both sides are to blame for such a terrible and tense relationship between Russia and the US.
    Michael, retired, worked as a lawyer
  • I never supported Biden or the Democratic Party, I voted for Trump in 2020. The former are absolutely responsible for the failures of recent months. And what mistakes are they ?! This was Biden’s plan from the beginning.
    As a journalist, you should know how much damage Biden and his administration have already done to the United States. The only thing I want to say is that no matter what he touched during these 10 months, it immediately turned into ***.
    And the American people will have to pay the price for all of this over the next 10 years or more. Not only Biden is corrupt, but the entire Democratic Party. But the American people seem to be coming out of their coma.
    At the same time, I am not a fan of Russia. Russia and China are not our friends, and they cannot be trusted at all. Any course against Russia and China will be accepted by all Americans. Including me.
    Jessica Crystal, student
  • Last year in the elections, I supported Biden. And now I’m a little disappointed.
    I must say right away that I will give a non-stereotypical answer for an American, because I know a lot about Russia. So, my family members were on the delegation during Nikita Khrushchev’s visit to the United States in 1959.
    I can say that I am satisfied with Biden’s internal politics. Our country has needed investment in roads, bridges and highways across the country for decades. Working families need support, and senior citizens need more social protection.
    In the migration crisis at the border, I think, Biden is not to blame. There have been decades towards this, the problems still drag on since the days of Ronald Reagan. Immigrants flee from problems in their countries. By the end of 2021, some countries in South America will have a poverty rate of 80%. We need clear rules on citizenship and a revision of the rules on work visas. And now, unlike the times of Trump, we are again cooperating on the problem with the countries from where they come to us.
    Foreign policy… I am disappointed, in particular, with the attitude towards Russia. They either send out ambassadors and diplomats, then they return… Recently, the United States has not fulfilled its part of the agreements. The demonization of Russia continues in Congress. I constantly read about it in one form or another every day on social networks from the activists of the Democratic Party.
    Afghanistan is a very complex issue. We never learned anything from the mistakes of the 1960s and 80s. In general, Afghanistan and other countries of the Middle East have been invaded and occupied for 100 years. Naturally, they hate that their economy is collapsing because of this, living conditions are becoming unbearable, and residents have to spend 10 years in refugee camps. They can neither return home nor enter Europe without creating a humanitarian crisis.
    Russia could be our ally. And in Afghanistan, we have created a power vacuum, which is now being filled by Russia, China and the Taliban on their own. We should have been more diligent in pursuing a draw.
    For example, create a stable and open government together with the international community, instead of trying to turn Afghanistan into a democracy. This is clearly not what they wanted there.

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