Pakistani boxer Muhammad Waseem’s fight date revealed

Boxer Waseem to work with Amir Khan to hold title fight in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (APP): Country’s top flyweight boxer Muhammad Waseem said on Thursday that he would work with British boxer of Pakistan-origin Amir Khan to hold a high magnitude title fight in Pakistan during the ongoing year.

“Amir has called me to congratulate me on my recent win. He has also said that we both will work together for promotion of pro boxing in Pakistan. I told him that my services for my country are always available,” he told APP.

The 32-year-old gladiator, who recently won world ranking bout in Dubai by knocking out Philippines Canrado Tanamor said that Amir had expressed the desire to work with him to hold the title bout in Pakistan. “I’ll move back to Glasgow by the end of this month and start training for my next bout. I’ll call Amir when I reach there, and either he will come to meet me or I’ll go to his place in Bolton to discuss our programme for holding the title bout,” he added.

He said that holding the fight at such a scale would put professional boxing in Pakistan on the right path. “Amir wants to fight in Pakistan. And, I too want that (to fight in Pakistan). It’ll be an iconic moment if we fight in the same arena (here). It’ll good for Pakistan boxing. It’ll spread Pakistan’s name in the entire boxing world,” added Waseem.

He said if he is given proper financial support he would soon become world champion again. “I just need some proper support and you will see me becoming world champion again,” said Waseem, who lost his IBF flyweight bout to South Africa’s Moruti Mthalane in controversial circumstances in Malaysia in July, 2018.

Waseem had gone up against the South African in the 12-round bout and although he left his opponent wobbling with both of his eyes swollen, the judges ruled 114-113, 114-113 and 116-110 in favour of his opponent.

“This time I would like him to come to Pakistan for the bout. My manager is in talks with him for that. It’ll be great if he reaches agreement for that (to fight in Pakistan). Our fight may take place in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad,” he added.

Known as “Falcon”, the Quetta-born pugilist said that he wanted to exhibit his fighting skills in front of his compatriots. “I believe it will altogether be a unique experience if I fight in front of my family, my friends and my Pakistani fans at such a level.

“Currently, I’m the best flyweight in the world. I’ve proved that before and I want to show that once again. I think I should get one more chance (against Mthalane). He holds that title and I want to bring that (title) in Pakistan,” he added.

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