Bridge washed away as Manchhar Lake breached again

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Despite causing much devastation and damage to infrastructure in the urban and rural areas of Sindh in the shape of floods, the water level in Pakistan’s biggest fresh water Manchhar Lake is yet to subside, on Thursday.

As per the official sources, the lake has been breached again to prevent its banks from bursting, following which the torrents of gushing water have flooded the nearby areas, making the people flee for their safety and also washed away a bridge on Indus Highway.

The bridge collapsed on Indus Highway following the breach in Manchhar Lake, making the road blocked for traffic. The road leading from Jamshoro to Dadu and Larkana has been closed. The Sukkur to Hyderabad superhighway has also been closed.

The people planning to travel from Sukkur to Hyderabad have been advised to take an alternate route to reach their destination.

The travellers can reach Hyderabad through Khairpur, Chondko, Mund Jamrao, Sanghar and Tando Adam.

It is learnt that the floodwater still stands seven to eight feet, with its full might and vigour, in some areas of Sindh, making the people in those areas helpless before the wrath of the nature.

The city of Khairpur Nathan Shah has been turned into a sea by floodwater as the boats and small ships of Pakistan Navy have started sailing across the city.

It is learnt that floodwater has reached the highest level in urban and rural areas of the city as the houses and shops have been submerged in water till roofs.

The people, stranded on the roofs of their houses, have started fleeing the area to save their lives.

They have also been facing an acute shortage of food items, whereas, dozens of families are still stranded. The small ships of Pakistan Navy are busy rescuing them.

On the other hand, the rainwater accumulated in the biggest Azam Colony of Khairpur district is yet to be drained. The religious seminary of the colony has also been submerged in the rainwater.

And, due to the negligence of the district administration and municipal committee, there is mud and dirt everywhere in the area. It is to be noted here that 50 per cent population of the area has been displaced.

Meanwhile, the struggle of the dwellers of Mehar to save their city from flooding bore fruit as the pressure of floodwater on the embankment built by them has started to recede.

The dwellers of Mehar city had worked day and night to build a 10km embankment on all four sides of the city.

The citizens kept struggling to protect their city from submerging until the floodwater pressure started to recede on the embankment built by them.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Nafisa Shah reached to help the flood-hit people in Khairpur.

“After the recent rains in Khairpur, animals are dying because of mosquitoes, and people too are suffering from many diseases,” she said.

“Unfortunately, the government does not have enough machinery to face the challenges. People are affected by rains in Khairpur the most,” she added.

“With our best efforts, there will be a fumigation campaign in the area so that there are no mosquitoes, and people could sleep peacefully,” she vowed.

“People have been hit hard by unemployment caused by devastating floods. We are trying our best day and night to provide relief to the flood victims,” she claimed.

Also, the All Government Employees Grand Alliance has also set up a relief camp at Pakistan Secretariat Chowk for the aid of the flood-hit people.