Brief increase in US troop levels likely

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KABUL (Pajhwok): Prior to a complete troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11, the US may boost the number of soldiers there to ensure an orderly drawdown, says a media report.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby indicated there would had to be some additional capabilities added to Afghanistan to help effect a safe and deliberately planned drawdown. According to India Today, Kirby told a pentagon media briefing: “I can’t speak today with exactly what that would look like, how many, when they would be going in.”

The spokesman added: “But as we transitioned out of Iraq, of course, it’s logical to assume that you may need some logistics help, maybe some engineering help.” He indicated some force protection capabilities had to be added temporarily to make sure the drawdown was executed in an orderly manner.

The Department of Defense was still working out what the future bilateral security relationship was going to be with Afghanistan, he told a questioner.
Kirby made clear the United States would maintain counterterrorism capabilities to prevent Afghanistan becoming a launching pad for terrorist attacks on the US.

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