Britain risky covert war

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British media has reported that the British Marine Corps Commander Brigadier Mark Totten said the British special forces will embark on a new secret mission against Russia and China in future. According to him, the Special Air Service (SAS), Special Boat Services (SBS) and Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SSR) will conduct more dangerous operations against other states and Totten will lead the “future special forces” of the British Marine Corps. Totten further said that this Special group will include four thousand people, and the group would focus on more complex and complex missions against Russia and China. Totten said that the group need the knowledge and experience of real specialists so it can carry out some tasks including counter-terrorism activities at sea or joint operations, which are difficult and having higher risks.

According to reports, Totten led British Special Forces group would operate in conjunction with British foreign Intelligence Service MI-6, while undertaking its anti-Russian and anti-China operations in a real time scenario. The British media reported that British Special Forces had planned to train the naval forces of countries near the South China Sea to defend against China. UK Special Forces are preparing for new challenges posed by Russia and China and primarily UK Special Forces are looking to carry out low profile special operations in the areas such as Baltic republics, Africa, South China Sea and in the middle East region to locate, neutralize or disrupt Russian and Chinese covert agent nets in coming days. As said, UK Special Forces are transforming its counter terrorism campaign into its shadow war against proxies Forces of its foes including Russia, China, Iran, and other adversaries across the globe. The British higher Echelons and Strategists are planning to ignite a covert war against their enemies in coming days, however, there had been numerous incidents when British covert operatives caught red handed such as a party of SBS Special Operators were captured in Libya during March 2012. British Special Forces, MI6, CIA, and several Middle Eastern Agencies were deeply involved with Free Syrian Army (FSA) in bid to overthrow the Bashir-Al-Asad regime in Syria for years but failed. Hopefully, Totten will watchout for all these risky consequences attached to this dangerous game before challenging the bull in the ground.

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