Britain will set “Soldier of the future” on the world

Written by The Frontier Post

Mikhail Sheinkman
London did not exp-lain what the seq-uence was: first the threats, and then the B-ritish presence, or vice ve-rsa. Rather, together. Ju-dging by the fact that they have already decided wh-ere they will create their “ground hubs”, they will take threats with them.
In their lofty language, Great Britain intends to expand its global military presence in different parts of the planet to better respond to international challenges. To put it simply, they are going to become a plug in every powder keg. Moreover, they themselves will roll this barrel. And their “Soldier of the Future” will do it. This is the name of their plan for the modernization of the ground forces from the Ministry of Defense. As they say at home, “the most radical program for the transformation of the army in the 21st century.”
This is about the incre-ase over 10 years of spending on weapons from 33 bi-llion pounds to 41 and ab-out the creation of a global response force to “confront extremist organizations and counter hostile states.” “We will be present all over the world, possessing a complete toolkit to combat a huge number of threats – from the cybersphere to the battlefield,” – you need to see their Secretary of War Benya Wallace to understand how comical it sounds from his lips.
At the same time, he did not explain what the sequence was: first the threats, and then the British presence, or vice versa. Most likely together. Judging by the fact that they have already decided where they will create their own, as they call it, “ground regional hubs”, they will take threats with them. By the way, it was decided to “make happy” Kenya, Oman and Germany. Her, to specifically in the event of a war with Russia. They are planning to transfer armored vehicles, artillery and aviation here.
They should make Ukraine a hub. Here is the enemy at the gate. Well, or the Baltics, which they have mastered long ago. No, give them Germany, where the Americans are comfortable. At the same time, it is not a fact that the Germans are aware. But in London, apparently, they are sure that these beer burghers have lost their pride so much that if they tolerate only the Anglo-Saxons, then they will put up with their brothers.
And they have a domination itch. They want to be the centerpiece of any NATO military action. By 2030, they promise to provide the alliance with a completely modernized division. So that the shot is ripe everywhere.
And already in 2025, they say, the number of the royal armed forces will be 73 thousand bayonets. Tog-ether with the reserve it will pull one hundred percent. We have, if you believe th-eir press, only so many ga-thered at the Ukrainian border. But maybe they have one ten worth? Although we saw in Afghanistan what they are worth. And what is typical, what. Forgotten at one of the bases, they heroically made their way to the Kabul airport in women’s clothes and, of course, in a burqa.
At the same time, “Soldier of the Future” is perhaps the most suitable for the “hat”. Firstly, it is immediately clear on whom it burns. Secondly, exactly according to their capricious mood. Third, it sounds prophetic. With such a desire to crawl into all the cracks, at best in the future, only one soldier will remain. Or they might have to add the word “no” to the title.

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