British FM discusses AUKUS partnership with Blinken

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LONDON (RIA Novosti): British Foreign Minister Liz Truss discussed with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken the US- Australia – UK Defense and Security Partnership (AUKUS), Truss said.

“The UK and the US are close friends and allies. It was great to discuss a number of issues with Secretary of State Blinken, including our new partnership with AUKUS, continuing to work together on Afghanistan , deepening trade and security partnerships with our allies,” Trusse wrote. on Twitter .

Australia previously partnered with the United Kingdom and the United States on defense and security AUKUS and announced its withdrawal from the submarine agreement with the French company Naval Group. The A $ 90 billion (€ 56 billion) deal, dubbed the “Contract of the Century”, called for the production of 12 Barracuda-class attack submarines. Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Le Drian said the decision by Australia to break the agreement “stab in the back”, stressing that trust is undermined. According to him, he is “angry about the termination of this contract.”

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