British standards and Johnson’s doctrine

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An investigative work of The Sunday Times and Open Democracy has exposed the hidden secrets of the British ruling elite and also uncovered the so-called high morality of the long ruling Conservative party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The reporters accused Johnson’s government of favoritism and corruption, while revealing a number of donors who gave at least £3 million to the Conservatives and served as the party’s treasurers, have been put forward for a seat in the House of Lords. It further said that 16 of the party’s main treasurers over the last two decades have been offered a seat in the UK parliament’s upper house. Earlier, the Johnson government was facing huge public criticism over the attempt of rewriting lobbying rules for the purpose of protecting a member of the ruling Conservative party from censure. According to details, an incumbent UK’s house lord Peter Cruddas had made substantial donations to the Conservative Party including a £50,000 payment to Prime Minister Johnson’s 2019 party leadership campaign and in return Johnson allotted him a seat of house of the lord despite opposition from the House of Lords’ Appointment Commission.

The government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been embroiled in several controversial actions and misappropriations which do not merit the offices of Prime Minister and his deputies. The British media and opposition leaders have been questioning Johnson’s ethics and moral values while accusing him of dishonoring public office due to his equivocal conduct. According to British media, Johnson used the services of a party’s donor for luxury renovations of his Downing Street Residence in the past. According to critics, the British Premier has a reckless record of supporting the party donors and bypassing rules in government’s affairs. Although, Johnson government has denied these charges, a series of scandals negatively marked the public perception about Conservative party during recent months. According to a survey by the Observer Newspaper, the Johnson personal approval rating has decreased significantly and reached its lowest level ever, while Conservatives lead over Labour left just one percent higher.

In fact, the UK’s Prime Minister somehow remained a controversial personality due to his role in Brexit, which had changed the dynamics of EU political ethics, economic landscapes, and future dreams. Later, several decisions during the fight against the coronavirus pandemic such as imposition of lockdown and reckless statements regarding the pandemic deadliness had tarnished the image of Johnson in the minds of British people. Realistically, lobbying and donations are a part of the politics in Western democracy across Europe and North America. No billionaire invests capital without any political, financial, or commercial incentive; however, some come in the limelight while others remain unidentified by the public. According to experts, the foreign and domestic policies of western powers are mostly approved by the desires of the donors of the parties and politicians. The international oil cartel is infamous for its influence in the United States politics over the last several decades.

Although Johnson’s forerunners were known for their high morality and principled approach, Johnson adopted a narrow and cynical doctrine and diminished the leading role of Great Britain in the EU and the world. In fact, when great nations surrender their destiny to the rash men then miracles happen in the world.

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