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Brussels protesters call for resignation of Govt.

Written by The Frontier Post

BRUSSELS (TASS): Protesters against sanitary measures in Brussels have called for the resignation of the Belgian government for violating the kingdom’s constitution. A petition to this effect was announced on Sunday at a rally in the Cinquetieth Anniversary Park, which ended the march for freedom, a TASS correspondent reports.
“The government of the kingdom, which allowed the violation of the constitution and fundamental freedoms of citizens, must resign, snap elections must be held in the country,” the petition says. According to the organizers, the document will be published on social networks and registered on the portal of the country’s government to collect signatures.
Earlier, during a protest in Brussels, there were clashes with the police. Several hundred demonstrators who separated from the main column tried to break through the police cordon near the building of the European Commission, started throwing firecrackers and bottles at the police. Police drove off a group of protesters using water cannons and tear gas. Up to 10 people were detained during the clashes, police said.
Several tens of thousands of people took part in the pan-European demonstration, authorized by the city authorities. The action was organized by the non-governmental organization EuropeansUnited (“United Europeans”), which includes activists of both right and left views.

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