Burma US condemns brutal attacks of security forces on protestors

Burma: US condemns brutal attacks of security forces on protestors

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WASHINGTON: Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State on Tuesday took account of the ongoing chaotic situation in Burma.

He said that the United States stands in solidarity with the people of Burma who came out across the country with courage and determination today to reject the military coup and voice their aspirations for a return to democratic governance, peace, and rule of law.

According to the official press release of US State Department, Blinken stressed saying that, ‘We condemn the security forces’ brutal attacks on unarmed protesters, which resulted in four deaths and injured over 40 individuals. 

He also commented that ‘We also condemn the ongoing arrests and detentions of hundreds of politicians, human rights defenders, and peaceful protestors.  The United States, in close coordination with our partners and allies, has underscored to the military that violence against the people is unacceptable’, press statement mentioned.

While announcing sanctions, Secretary of State Blinken noted that, the United States is responding by designating two additional State Administrative Council (SAC) members, Maung Maung Kyaw and Moe Myint Tun.  These designations were made pursuant to Section 1(a)(iii)(A) of Executive Order (E.O.) 14014, “Blocking Property With Respect to the Situation in Burma.”

While highlighting the undemocratic events in the country, Secretary of State said, ‘We call on the military and police to cease all attacks on peaceful protesters, immediately release all those unjustly detained, stop attacks on and intimidation of journalists and activists, and restore the democratically elected government’. 

The United States will continue to work with a broad coalition of international partners to promote accountability for coup leaders and those responsible for this violence, the press statement mentioned.

It further reaffirmed that US will not hesitate to take further action against those who perpetrate violence and suppress the will of the people.  We will not waver in our support for the people of Burma, Secretary of State Blinken mentioned.

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