Burns says China top security threat

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WASHINGTON DC (RIA Novosti): China today is the main threat to the national security of the United States and other countries of the democratic world, Nicholas Burns, a candidate for the post of US ambassador to the PRC, said on Wednesday.
“China is the main threat to the security of our country and the entire democratic world,” Burns said during a hearing at the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Burns also noted that China, unlike the United States, today does not have a large number of friends and does not have real allies, and Washington should use this in its approaches.
“Today, China has few friends and virtually no real allies. We, in turn, are linked by numerous alliances with other countries, which is our great advantage. We must work intensively with these countries to develop a strategy for China,” he added diplomat.
According to him, Washington, in its approaches to relations with China, should “proceed from a position of strength” and conduct intensive diplomacy with its allies and partners in the region. “Such alliances are unique to the United States,” Burns said.
At the same time, the American diplomat noted the importance of maintaining direct contacts with Beijing and cooperation in those areas where it is necessary.

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