C5 + 1 & Natanyanu meeting on Sullivan’s Agenda for Biden at UN

Jalil Afridi 

Washington DC: National Security Advisor to President Biden, Jake Sullivan while addressing journalists at the White House addressed several issues regarding President Biden’s engagements at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session in New York. These engagements includes the U.S. holding a summit with the  five Central Asia States and a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Jake Sullivan stated that the purpose of having summit with the Central Asian States was to enhance connectivity, expand cooperations in the field of energy, environment and protecting the territorial integrity of allies and partners. 

Jake Sullivan dispelled the impression that the C5 + 1 summit was organized to counter China and Russia. He further said that the US will be announcing financial support during the said summit. 

When asked about President Biden and Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting on the sidelines of UNGA session, Sullivan said that the purpose of meeting Netanyahu was to discuss regional cooperation in Middle East and to discuss protecting the territorial integrity of Israel.  Sullivan also informed that he was unaware of Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman attending the UNGA session in New York. 

It is pertinent to mention here that China and Russia are both keeping a keen eye on C5 +1 summit, it’s agenda and it’s possible implications on the region in coming days and months. 

Israel’s Netanyahu meeting with President Biden is also being seen by many observors in the back drop of recent G20 Summit in India, in which the US, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the EU signed an MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) to create a  rail and sea corridor connecting India with Europe. The purpose of this corridor is also seen by many as an alternative to China’s One Belt One Road initiative. 

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