CAA revises policy for global air traffic

F.P. Report

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in a revised policy for global air traffic allowed the foreign airlines to operate an additional 30 percent of passenger flights to Pakistan.

The CAA Air Transport Department issued a notification in this regard on Wednesday. The decision was made due to the shortage of flights and the rush of passengers. The additional flights also include cargo flights of the respective airlines, the notification reads.

The national aviation regulator said that there will be a possibility for passengers to depart abroad on additional flights in case of empty planes.

Earlier, the number of foreign flights approved under the summer schedule was limited to 20 percent as per the instructions of the NCOC. The airlines’ operation has been limited to 20 percent of flights from May 5 to 20. Now, the CAA sought additional flight schedules from all airlines till May 18, the notification reads.

On Monday last, after reports that some people are travelling to Pakistan on fake medical reports showing them coronavirus negative, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had issued new guidelines for all airlines operating in Pakistan.

Some passengers travelled to Pakistan on PCR (a polymerase chain reaction) test reports with a fake negative result.

The authority declared that such passengers endangered fellow travellers in airplanes and also undermined national efforts to control Corona in the country. As per new guidelines introduced by the CAA, only the certified laboratories PCR test reports would be accepted for travellers coming to Pakistan from abroad.

The passengers without correct QR Code (Quick Response Code) could also not be eligible to travel to Pakistan, the authority said, adding that any copy of the PCR test report would also not be acceptable at Pakistani airports.

The CAA also restricted passengers who are not registered in the Pass Track App to travel to Pakistan.