California registers world’s hottest September day

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CALIFORNIA: Calfornia’s Death Valley has registered the world’s hottest September Day with a temperature of 53°C on Friday, reported National News.

The heat is expected to last for the next five days, until the Labour Day weekend, which is on September 5.

The National Weather Service in the US has issued an “excessive heat warning”.

A Death Valley representative Abby Wines told Reuters the temperatures were abnormally high for September.

She added that due to dry heat evaporating sweat with speed, people have difficulty realising they are dehydrated or overheated.

According to the National Weather Service, more than 100 records are expected to break this year across the country.

The extreme heat and rising temperatures in the state are due to a heat dome, which is a high-pressure system creating heat over an area.

Studies have shown multiple times that heat waves occur due to human activities. Keeping the conditions in mind, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared an emergency.

He said that Mother Nature had “outrun us”. He added that humans were living a life of “extremes” where the planet is experiencing extreme flooding and extreme droughts.

Due to the risk of power cuts, California has instructed E-vehicle owners not to charge their cars. The state has also set up some cooling centres for the public.