Campaign launched to reopen girls’ schools

KABUL (TOLOnews): PenPath (Rah-e-Qalam), an educational organization, launched a new campaign to call for the reopening of girl’s schools.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate said there is diverse thinking about the reopening of girl’s schools and efforts are underway to resolve the issue.
“A diversity of thoughts exists in this regard in general in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate is trying to reach an agreement of views on this and solve the issue with a good mechanism,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for Islamic Emirate.
“We hope the current rulers in Afghanistan welcome the calls of the Afghan people for the reopening of girls school and reopen the schools as soon as possible,” said Maryam Arveen, a women’s rights activist.
There have been many campaigns launched for the reopening of girls’ schools after the Islamic Emirate decided to ban female students in grades 7-12 from going to their schools. Head of the Rah-e-Qalam organization, Matiullah Wessa, said that there has been no work to reopen girl’s schools in the last year.
“I have visited 23 provinces after the Islamic Emirate swept into power. We have two campaigns for them. One of the campaigns is for the students in grade 7-12, whose schools are closed. We encourage the people, trible elders and Islamic clerics to raise their voices. Education is our human and Islamic right,” he said. The female students said they are waiting for their schools to reopen.
“We want them to answer this question of ours about why the schools are not being reopened. They may give us a satisfactory reason,” said Mariam, a student.