Canadian envoy calls for women’s role in peace efforts

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KABUL: The Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan Dave Metcalfe said that the role of women in the national reconciliation process is critical and they must be given the chance to contribute to peace efforts.

“No country can disregard half of its population in any effort of national reconciliation. Beyond the negotiating table, women’s participation is fundamental for all dimensions of building a sustainable peace—women’s engagements in post-conflict resolutions have tangible positive impacts on stabilization and reconstruction of economies and social fabric,” said the Canadian envoy.

He said that it is necessary to hear the voice of women in the peace process. “Women’s voices are necessary not just in subjects of health or education, but at the forefront of core political issues such as representation and integration,” he said at a gathering titled “Creating Access for Inclusive Peace Process in Afghanistan (CPA).

Some Afghan women also expressed their views on peace at the gathering.

“The presence of women has not been visible…nothing has been discussed related to the rights of the women,” said Haseena Baloch, a participant from Nimroz.

“The Afghan women are not prepared to sacrifice their gains, they are not ready to be sacrificed for peace,” said Maryam Parwani, a participant from Parwan. (TOLOnews)

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