Capitol riots and US security apparatus

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US Senate Committees on Homeland Security and Senate Committee on Rules issued a joint investigation report on the January 6 rebellion at the US Capitol, which exposed broad government, military, and law enforcement mismanagement before the violent attack. According to details, the Police Officers on duty told the Senate Committee they could not be directed due to breakdown of their command system.

The report suggests that the pentagon took much time in responding to the Capitol Police request for help in bureaucratic formalities on Jan 06. There was absence of interagency cooperation and exchange of information to help coup the emerging threats in the cities.

The Senate Committee also seriously noted the ineffectiveness of the Capitol Police Board during this situation of emergency. As per US law it was mandatory for the board to approve the Capitol Police Chief request for military help and all these formalities led to the seizure of the US Capitol by the Trump supporters on Jan 06. The senators also criticized the FBI and the Homeland Security Department for neglecting online threats and for not issuing formal intelligence assessments of the potential threat that help law enforcement plan to meet the challenge. The report further said that Capitol Police were heavily compromised by multiple failures including bad intelligence, poor planning, faulty equipment, and a lack of leadership.

The Senate Committee observed that there were insufficient security measures at the Capitol buildings and Police remained failed to tackle the situation. US Lawmakers expressed their concern over nonexistence of essential working coordination among local law enforcement and central security apparatus of the country. The Senate Committee recommended several measures for capacity building of Capitol Police, to empower Capitol Police Chief and asked the American military bureaucracy to shorten the lengthy formalities in such emergencies to cope up with such a unique situation. It also recommended immediate changes in US rules and regulations to give the Capitol Police chief more authority, to provide better planning and equipment for law enforcement and to streamline intelligence gathering among federal agencies.

America is the world superpower with unlimited resources and overwhelming technical superiority over the world, however the country has numerous loopholes in its security and administrative mechanisms which are efficiently being manipulated by the criminals, illegal immigrants and mafias. This is the reason that today’s America has one of the highest crime rates in the world despite a civilized society and strong judicial system. Due to these loopholes and faults in US laws, presently more than 12 million illegal immigrants are residing in the US, and the world’s most wanted criminals are freely roaming in posh areas of US Capitol by smartly using US human and immigrants rights to their benefit.

The US Intelligence Agencies had said that they could not differentiate between the lawful freedom of speech and demonstration and violent riots occurred on Jan 06, despite the online threat calls and slogans of forceful retreat of Biden’s victory by Trump’s supporters. In fact, Intelligence Agencies issued their forecast on the potential threats likely to happen based on the ongoing developments and the law enforcements prepare themselves for the possible worst situation however, both US apparatus, Intelligence and Police were waiting until the situation practically turned into chaos, therefore there is a dire need to send them all to the academies for refresher course before resuming their services to the nation’s Capital.

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