Case against Peter Kern of Expedia adjourned

F.P Report

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA: Civil case number GV-22-738 against Chief Executive of Expedia was held yesterday in District Courts Arlington and the case has been adjourned till July 18, 2022. 

The civil case has been filed by a local publisher, Muhammad Afridi who has accused both the CEO’s of Commission Junction and Expedia for not paying him the commission earned through Affiliate Marketing. 
Lawyer for Peter Kern, Mr  Kenneth Nankin told the court that he was not sure why Peter Kern was nominated in the said case by the Plaintiff. Judge Francis O Brian asked whether the company (Expedia) does business in Virginia, to which Mr Nankin replied by saying yes.

Plaintiff Muhammad Afridi told the court that he was doing business with Expedia through Commission Junction and hundreds of sales were made through his company for which he earned commission on daily basis and then one day he was told that no sales were made therefore he was not eligible to earn any commission. 

Muhammad further told the court that out of five cases which he had filed against   different advertisers of Commission Junction, four of them were already withdrawn because the companies paid the amounts owed but in case of Expedia, they still owe large amount and Mr Peter Kern is responsible to take care of this issue. Muhammad requested the court to keep those cases for record  in the present case. 

It is pertinent to mention here that Muhammad Afridi had filed several civil cases against Joesph Gabbay of Justice Clothing, Torte & carry and Sullen Clothing and all these cases have been withdrawn after settlements. It is also pertinent to mention here that Nogin has also been part of settlement with Justice Clothing.