Case of Model Prison: FIA recommends against officers of CDA, others

Abdullah Momand

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in its fresh inquiry conducted on model prison Islamabad make accused the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Islamabad administration (ICT) Public Works Department (Pak-PWD) top brass of allotting green belts illegally in violation of Islamabad master plan for construction of boundary wall of model prison and recommend criminal action against the accused, the inquiry documents are available, Frontier Post spotlighted.

The FIA inquiry RE-86/2019 which was conducted on behest of the federal cabinet in which the federal cabinet ordered the investigation agency to investigate the Islamabad model prison land allotment on green belt and initiating of work by Public Works Department (PWD) without getting permission from the competent authority.

The inquiry conducted by the investigative agency mentioned that CDA allotted land for the project on green belt/ Buffer Zone in violation of master plan as construction is not allowed in buffer zone.

The inquiry mentioned that, due to CDA negligence the green belts of Islamabad were destroyed which harms the environment violently.  

The inquiry also accused officials of Capital Development Authority (CDA) land survey division of highest negligence because they did not verified the coordinates before giving exact location of the plot land allotted for model prison provided plinth level of site before the start of the construction.

The inquiry also made accountable the Public Works department of highest negligence as the inquiry mentioned that Pak PWD started construction through its contractor M/S NCL-CMES (Joint Venture) and consultant M/S Sikandar Ajam associates without formal approval of layout plan and its building plan.

The inquiry mentioned that moreover, PWD started and continued construction without obtaining from D” /Construction plinth ground level was not got checked/confirmed by survey division CDA.

The investigative agency while putting high negligence and incompetence on the Building control section of the civic agency mentioned that the concerned officers/officials of CDA, Building Control Section (BCS) didn’t inspect the site under construction nor reported the matter about the construction of boundary wall without approval of the building plan.

The findings while spotlighting the incompetence of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration mentioned that the administration handed over the site land to the Pak-PWD without any written handing taking over.

The inquiry report mentioned that the role of the consultant and construction firms should be analyzed.

The findings further mentioned that Pak-PWD relied upon terms & conditions mentioned in certificate of possession issued by CDA land survey division but not analyzed the intersection points (IPs) as well as coordinates of the site at the time of possession nor calculated plinth level before start of construction site.

Statistics shows that moreover construction started and continued by the Pak-PWD without obtaining form “D” construction at plinth level was not got checked/ confirmed from land survey division CDA.

CDA Planning Wing didn’t calculate the exact coordinates of site/land reserved for model prison in sector H-16, Islamabad.

The inquiry mentioned that for the project an amount of Rs 494.712 million from National Exchequer has been utilized for construction of RCC compound wall for model prison Islamabad.

The FIA recommended that keeping in view aforementioned facts derived from available record so far it is recommended that necessary approval to start criminal action against the delinquent officials/ officers of CDA, PAK-PWD and Islamabad ICT administration be accorded.  

A source in FIA told The Frontier Post that the FIA conducted the inquiry on directions of the federal cabinet and submitted it to the Prime Minister.

He added that after direction from the PM the case will be sent to the Anti-corruption watchdog, the National Accountability Bureau for further action.

The Frontier Post approached Spokesperson of CDA Mazhar Hussain for an official version but he didn’t respond till filing this report.

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