Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017


KABUL (TOLONews): At least 80 Daesh militants including  foreign fighters were killed and six others were wounded in Afghan forces airstrikes in Ghor and Nangarhar provinces in the past 48 hours, t

KABUL (AFP): The Afghan defence minister and his army chief resigned Monday, days after what is believed to be one of the deadliest-ever Taliban attacks on a military base triggered calls for offic

KABUL (Online): Afghanistan on Sunday holds a day of national mourning after the Taliban attacked an army base, killing or wounding more than 100 soldiers.

KABUL (TOLONews): More than 140 Afghan soldiers were killed on Friday when Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers in military uniforms stormed an Afghan Army base in northern Afghanistan, Afghan and We

KABUL (TOLONews): A number of soldiers from Afghan National Army’s 209 Shaheen Corps Headquarters in Balkh province, who survived the deadly attack on Friday but are being treated at a public hospi

KABUL (TOLONews): A heavy gun battle erupted in the vicinity of the Afghan National Army’s 209 Shaheen Corps in Balkh province on Friday, local officials confirmed.

KABUL (TOLONews): Helmand governor Hayatullah Hayat said on Friday that at least 100 night raids were carried out by the National Army’s Special Unit in the past year in Lashkargah city and other p

KABUL (TOLONews): Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said Daesh was a “tool” of the United States and that he does not differentiate between Daesh and America.

KABUL (TOLONews): The Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Wednesday said that night raids by Afghan National Army (ANA) special forces units are of strategic importance in the fight against insurgency.

KABUL (TOLONews): Consultations will be held between a number of political leaders over the next few days where they will discuss issues relating to early elections, the establishment of an interim