Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, and Senator Mitch  McConnell visit the Commonwealth rrExtracts facility in Louisville followed by roundtable discussions. During the tour where the officials got a chance rrto see hemp-derived CBD products up close in Louisville, KY on July1, 2019. USDA photo by Michelle BanksTicerr

CBD and COVID-19: The Effect of Today’s Pandemic on the CBD Market

COVID-19 has tremendously changed the dynamics of today’s market. A huge number of businesses decided to close down while others are in the process of filing for bankruptcy. However, when it comes to the CBD market, things are a bit more positive.

CBD-based medicine applies to a huge number of people and a wide range of health issues. Considering that, the idea of the potential looming recession creating a gap in the demand for CBD isn’t something to fear about.

In addition to health concerns, there’s also a wide range of ​sustainable products that can be created using hemp​ like textiles and even fuel. People’s search for environmentally friendly and sustainable materials is more important than the concerns of the impending recession.
Access to CBD products

Technically, borders aren’t closed. This means that it’s still possible to get CBD products shipped from one place to another.
However, this doesn’t mean more relaxed rules and laws. The pandemic isn’t canceling out state laws that concern CBD and CBD products. Considering that, it’s important for people who are planning on ordering CBD products to check with their states first to see what’s legal and what’s not.

With people getting more and more worried about their health, CBD products will continue to be highly in-demand and that’s not surprising.

CBD has been found effective has been found to offer potential antiviral properties that can help reduce the severity of certain diseases as well as initiate quick recovery. The research concerning this has been started since the start of the SARS virus outbreak back in 2002.
It can also help in boosting one’s immune system. CBD has been found to function as an immunomodulator (an agent that helps regulate the immune system) and an immunosuppressant (an agent that suppresses the immune response).
Apart from that, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties It can help lower the inflammatory response of your immune system.

The majority of today’s well-known CBD brands know the ​impact of the pandemic​ on people’s budgets. If you’ve been doing your research, you’d know that most brands didn’t implement any price increase.

Because CBD and CBD-infused products remain unregulated, the struggle to find quality products is still here. This fact should encourage people to be more cautious when buying CBD products locally or online.
Find brands that use organic hemp. Quality CBD products are tested by ​third-party labs to ensure purity, quality, and safety. The tests they conduct also help verify if the brands are being honest about their claims.

The future of CBD market is still bright despite the pandemic. CBD-infused products continue to be in-demand these days as people become hyper-focused on keeping themselves healthy.

However, all these things don’t mean that the CBD market is immune to economic challenges. It will still experience the negative effects of the pandemic and the recession one way or another. It’s also worth noting that with the pandemic going on, it’s important to pay attention to what you eat and the health supplements you’re taking to boost your immune system.

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