CCTV footage of Karachi knife attacker surfaces: Police register two more cases

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KARACHI: Police have obtained CCTV footage of what seems to be the notorious Karachi knife attacker who has stabbed and injured eight women so far in the city.

According to details, the Karachi knife attacker case has seen some progress as a CCTV footage showing the suspect travelling on his motorcycle in an alley has been obtained.

The attacker can be seen in the CCTV footage passing through an alley as children played in the street. He is clad in a black shirt and is wearing black pants. The suspect is seen to be wearing a helmet in the footage.

Police have also obtained details pertaining to the identity of the suspect. According to the description provided by the women who were attacked by him, the suspect is a thin man with a light shave and curly hair. He also attacked one of the victims without wearing a helmet. The knife attacker carries a bag with him too.

Meanwhile Police have booked two more cases reported by victims of stabbing attacks in the city’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar locality this week, bringing the total at five.

Till Thursday, eight women in areas of Rabia City and Jauhar Chowrangi had reported being stabbed by an assailant on a bike. A 28-year-old woman, attacked said that a man on a motorcycle, wearing a helmet, had attacked her with a sharp-edged instrument from behind.

The incidents have sparked fear and panic among the area residents, forcing women to take extra precautions before going outside.

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