CE assures preparations for upcoming Presidential Election

Kabul (Agencies): Chief Executive of the National Unity Government (NUG), Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has said that all preparations were taken to hold the upcoming presidential election in the country, his office reported Wednesday.

The CE said attending the confirmatory voters’ registration process was the first step taken towards the success of the upcoming presidential election.

“Preparations were taken to hold the presidential election.  The Independent Election Commission (IEC) paved the ground for confirmatory voters’ registration process and the process has now started,” the statement quoted him as saying.

He also said the IEC should carry out its responsibly with full independence and transparency for holding the presidential election to have a positive change in the election results and a better future.

He said: “Effort for holding election doesn’t mean ignoring the peace process, as the Taliban are the main hindrance for achieving peace.”

“We can’t suspend the election process for remaining hopeful to remove obstacles from the way of peace process,” said Abdullah as quoted by the statement.

“The night before or the day after the election in which the way for restoration of a real process acceptable for the people is paved, would be welcomed by the people of Afghanistan and no negligence even for a moment would be accepted in this field,” said the CE.

He asked the entire people countrywide for taking part in the process to determine their future on their own.