Ceasefire must guarantee social justice: Abdullah

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KABUL: Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah says a ceasefire could not bring about peace in the absence of social justice, law enforcement and people’s access to rights.

Abdullah made the remarks at an event at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) on Tuesday, a statement from the CEO office said on Wednesday.

Experts and students from different countries were gathered at the centre, with some participants asking the CEO about the current situation in Afghanistan, the statement added. He said Afghanistan, faced with attacks from various terrorist groups, had been able to make headway in many areas.

There were no girls’ schools in Afghanistan 17 years ago, he recalled, saying today women actively participated in politics, economic activities, security, media and civil affairs.

Abdullah added Afghanistan was hungry for peace and government officials were struggling for achieving it. However, he stressed peace could not be established only by a ceasefire or an end to war.

The CEO underlined the imperative of social justice, effective law enforcement, access to basic rights and democracy to ensure lasting stability in the country.

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