Ceasefire violations by India

Mike Lima

22 years old and mother of two young daughters, Munazza Bibi of Pakka Kotha village in Bhimber District of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, when left her house  on 3rd November 2018 to work in the fields, would never have thought that it was going to be the last day of her life and that she would never be able to return home and see her children again.

In utter violation to the human rights, Indian side, from across the Line of Control ( LoC)  and Working Boundary, resorts to unprovoked shelling of the civilian population resulting in the killing and injuries to the innocent civilians including women and children; Munazza, on that very unfortunate day,  fell victim to such an Indian brutality. After a prolonged dialogue, India and Pakistan had agreed to a ceasefire agreement in 2003 following which both sides also agreed to open crossings to facilitate people to people contacts residing on both sides of the LoC which went on fairly well for about 10 years. Peace along the LoC did not augur well with the Indian grand design of maligning Pakistan of a State harbouring and abetting terrorism.

In 2008, India reared Mumbai Attack drama as Casus Belli for escalation along the International Border including LoC and Working Boundary and threatened Pakistan of capturing shallow objectives through Pro Active Operations.

However, Pakistan was well prepared to thwart any conventional or unconventional incursion across its territory and India had to de-escalate without achieving its objectives. Following the indigenous uprising in Indian Occupied Kashmir for their right of self determination as per United Nations Security Council’s resolutions, Indian side was left with no choice but to reignite the LoC and the Working Boundary to divert the international attention from their gross human rights violations to the deteriorating security situation between the two nuclear armed rivals.

As the independence movement in the IOK gained impetus despite presence of more than 8 lacs strong  Indian regular and para military forces, India increased the frequency of Ceasefire Violations (CFVs) ; in 2018 alone the number of CFVs has jumped up to the unprecedented figure of 2312, killing 35 civilians and injuring more than 135 individuals. In complete disregard to the mandate of United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan, India persistently denies access to the United Nations Military Observers to investigate the CFVs and human rights violations inside IOK.

This unprecedented number of CFVs is continuing since 2017 when India committed more than 1970 such violations.

To discredit Pakistan Army, India claimed to have conducted “Surgical Strike” in Azad Jummu & Kashmir on 29 September 2016 to dismantle and destroy the terrorists’ launch pad and inflicting heavy casualties to Mujahideen but could not provide any proof to authenticate their claim.

India keeps alleging Pakistan of cross border terrorism and providing physical support to the Kashmiri’s in IOK and is not ready to accept and face the reality of indigenous self determination movement by Kashmiri youth who are always raising Pakistani flag during their protests and chanting the slogan of “Pakistan say rishta Kia  La Ila ha IllAllah” and in case of shahadat their dead bodies are wrapped in Pakistani flag as their coffins. Blaming Pakistan Army of mutilating dead body of an Indian Border Security Force soldier, Indian Army Chief has been threatening to resort to another Surgical Strike across the LoC and India unilaterally cancelled a scheduled meeting between the two foreign ministers on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly session in September this year on the same allegation.

Newly elected government in Pakistan immediately after assuming the office offered India to resume peace talks to settle all outstanding issues including core issue of Jammu & Kashmir but India has paid no heed to such offer and continues to coerce Pakistan to accept status quo on Kashmir. Upcoming Indian general elections, which usually thrive on anti Pakistan and anti Muslims rhetoric, could also be one possible reason for this arrogant and irresponsible Indian response. In the meanwhile, India has also enhanced violations to the Sindh Tass Agreement and waged a sort of  water war against Pakistan by denying her due share of water. India has also stepped up its brutalities against unarmed innocent Kashmiri’s inside IOK making thousands of youth blind by spraying pallets on their faces, raping of young girls and even destruction of fruit trees in the Kashmir Valley.

Unfortunately, International Community including United Nations is silent on gross human rights violations and does not seem to fulfil its responsibilities. Pakistan has made it amply clear to India that its offer to resume peace talks should not be taken as its weakness and that Pakistan was fully prepared to respond to any misadventure by Indian Armed Forces across the LoC. Let’s hope and pray that sooner rather than later a better sense prevails and India agrees to resume peace talks before it gets a little too late.

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