Cemeteries in Kabul extend after each deadly attack

KABUL (Tolo News): Western Kabul has many hills that have been changed into cemeteries. Now, these cemeteries must expand after each deadly bombing in that part of Kabul.

At least 70 victims from the school bombing were laid to rest in these cemeteries – in one case 20 bodies in a row. Residents of western Kabul said victims of suicide bombings and blasts have been buried in these cemetaries in the hundreds over the last five years. The victims’ families said they are tired of the mass burial of civilians, especially youth.

“They are almost full. Victims of suicide bombings and explosions are brought here,” said Hassan, a grave digger. The victims of the Imam Zaman Mosque attack, the attack on the Mawood tuition center, the attack on the Dasht-e-Barchi 100-bed hospital, the attack on the Kawsar tuition center, and the attack on the Sayed-ul-Shuhada school were all buried in cemeteries in the west of Kabul, mostly on the hills.

The victims of these attacks have included many youth, children and women. “If it is the NDS or police, it is their duty to ensure the safety of the people… This government is really insufficient,” said Abbas Adalat, a Kabul resident. “Such attacks should be prevented; otherwise, the voice of students will be silenced,” said Mohammad Husain, a Kabul resident.

Families of the victims of the school bombing said that mostly students were killed in the attack. “My daughter was martyred and another was wounded. How long should this war continue? It is enough,” said Ali Reza, father of Masooma, a school student who was killed in Saturday’s bombing. “My father could not afford the needs for our training courses,” said Amina, a sister of a victim. First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that 86 children were killed in the Kabul school bombing.