‘Centre, Sindh govt responsible for Karachi situation’

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Chairman, Amun Taraqqi Party, Muhammad Faiq Shah has slammed the Sindh government and local administration over their misgovernance after heavy rains crippled the port city.

Faiq Shah while chairing a meeting at the party central secretariat on Tuesday stated that Karachi has left on mercy of death and destruction owing to heavy downpour, stagnant rainwater and disordered sewage system.

The party leader said that the rainwater submerged into shops and markets and destroyed stuffs due to which the business community has suffered losses worth millions of rupees while a number of children were electrocuted to death in Karachi.

He held the federal and Sindh government responsible over the port city grapples with the aftermath of rain showers. “Rulers aren’t the killers of the death of this calamity nature”, he asked.

“Calmness of Karachi snatched by poor cleanliness, outdated/inefficient electricity supply system, negligence and unresponsiveness, Mr Shah said, adding that population is increasing but the government was lacking any proper planning and strategy to fulfill the growing needs and provision of facilities to them.

The ATP chairman said that masses are giving SOS calls but no one has realized their difficulties and give prompt response to mitigate the sufferings. He stated that Karachi is the backbone of economic progress of Pakistan, but the financial and industrial capital of the country has plunged into destruction and death, he lamented.

He alleged the centre and Sindh government have confronted each other for accomplishment of their personal interests and agenda. He stressed the need for taking prompt measures to resolve issues of major cities, especially Karachi, Lahore.

He added the arrangements should be made for bringing improvement in the sewage and cleanliness system.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, he anticipated that the dangers of spreading dengue virus are hovering, but the government has adopted laxity, and wait and see policy in this regard, which was a glaring example of incompetence. He urged the institutions to play their effective role for amicable resolution of the issues, which were being faced by general masses.

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