Chappli Kabab, Pakora, Kajoor attract people ahead of first iftar of Ramazan

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Besides Kajoor (dates), the food stalls of Chappli Kabab, Jalebi and Pakora have attracted a large number of people ahead of the first Iftar of the holy month of Ramazan here on Thursday.

Great rush was being witnessed on food stalls especially Pakora and Chappli Kabab at all bazaars including Qissa Khwani in Peshawar.

Pakora is a spicy food item mostly prepared of onions, potatoes and chickens, which is being sold like a hot cake due to its delicious taste, cost-efficient varieties and energy perspectives.

Like Kajoor, Pakora is the most favorite item during Iftar parties in provincial capital where special shops were opened at historic Qissa Khwani, Ghanta Ghar, Firdus, Hasthnagri and others areas started making a roaring business.

Different types of Pakora are being prepared such as potato pakora, palak pakora, onion pakora, Gobhi pakora, attracting people, senior citizens, children, women and youth as special iftar item.

The delicious dish is being prepared from different ingredients such as onion, eggs, potatos, chicken and cauliflower after these things are dipped in a Pakora made flour.

Khayam Khan, an employee of Education Department on a food stall at Hashtnagri told APP on Thursday that Pakora is his most favorite food item during Iftar parties and without it his Iftar seems incomplete.

“Personally, I like chicken pakora because of its batter taste and energy’s perspective,” he said, adding demands of onion and potato Pakora has also increased in local markets.

The markets are flooded with Pakora, Jalebi, Dahi Bhalay and Kachalo stalls and shops where hectic buying are being witnessed when Iftar’s time becomes nearer. Like other edible items, he said prices of Pakora has also increased this year as one kiolgoram is being sold at Rs280-300 per kilogram against Rs260 last year that needed to be checked by the district administration. “A few Pakora and dates are enough for me as it is a complete food,” Khan said.

This popular snake of the subcontinent origin takes very less time in preparation and is being served as special Iftar meal with any chutney or ketchup to people of all social class.

It is also popular among people of both rural and urban areas and being exchanged by relatives and families as Iftar’s gifts.

“I am going to my daughter home to give her one kilogram Pakora as special Iftar’s gift,” said Qaisar Khan, a resident of Wapda Town Nowshera.

“Exchange of food dishes among relatives increase love and warmth besides bringing people closer,” he said. The shopkeepers said Pajora making was a profitable business as it does not require much investment.

The shopkeepers said its price has been increased due to hike in prices of related ingredients being used in preparation of this specie item.

In the wake of last night rains, people thronged to Chappli Kabab and Peshawari rice outlets by taking parcel of the delicious food items for first Iftari. Jalebi and Achar shops were making roaring sale. (APP)