Chaudhry Nisar took decision according to conscience: Marvi Memon

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader and former head of Benazir Income Support Programme Marvi Memon said on Tuesday that Chaudhry Nisar took a stance regarding the party as per his conscience.

Memon in a series of tweets was referring to former interior minister’s announcement a day ago, where he said that he was no longer a part of the PML-N.

The BISP former chairperson said that Nisar chose respect over ‘darbaripana’ (sycophantic behavior), adding that 99 percent of the sycophants wont realise they are slaves to the system.

She said that those slamming Nisar over this behavior should make a list of senior people who have left the party due to the fear of being abused or pushed to sidelines.

Marvi Memon said that the party workers will go to rally due to their love which isn’t worth for their leader.

She added that the PML-N has a culture of ‘mummy daddy tweet politics’.

Nisar said on Sunday that he has repeatedly said that he is not part of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz anymore.

“I have been part of the PML-N for a long time. I do politics of honour not of power,” said Nisar in a press conference. “I have a strong relationship with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s family but I have said many times I am not part of PML-N.”

Marvi Memon served from 2015 to June 2018, during the PML-N tenure, as the chairperson of BISP.

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