Checkr creates severe agony for Uber drivers

F.P Report
New York: Checkr, a company used by Uber for doing background checks of its drivers has created severe mental agony for Uber drivers by providing back ground information on many drivers which is not accurate.
Several drivers who have been working for Uber since many years have complained to Uber that they have received an email from Checkr containing report about their back ground checks but the things mentioned in the report such as their driving license being suspended or being involved in misdemeanor was not accurate.
 One driver who wished not to be named said that he received an email from Checkr with the subject  “pre adverse action notice” which made him stop his car on the side of a road and talk to Uber and figure out what was going on. He further said that he did not get any satisfactory answer from Uber except that Uber told him that he should talk to Checkr. The driver said that he then called Checkr and waited for an hour for somebody to come on line but nobody answered his phone.
Another driver while taking to The Frotier Post said that the back ground report provided to him by Checkr was absolutely incorrect and the case number mentioned in his report was not his and that he had to provide copy of the distcit court to Uber to make them understand that it was not him who was convicted of felony, as mentioned in the report of Checkr.
Another Uber driver  while talking to this scribe said that Checkr has caused so much mental agony to Uber drivers that they are once again thinking about leaving the company and joining other driving platforms. He said that Uber uses its drivers like tissue papers, once they are used they are thrown in trash.
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