Childrens behavior during COVID-19

Childrens behavior during COVID-19

Huma kanwal Atta

2020 was arriving, everyone was over the moon, no one knew what was in store for them. As 2020 landed, the excitement of the people got overfilled with sadness. A very small virus rapidly spread and became the pandemic which we know today. By the end of February, all countries went into full or partial lockdown.

Schools are closed since the 1st week of March it’s been almost 4 months to school closer and full/ partial lockdown in the world. Unnecessary movement of children with or without families have not been observed, hence playground and all indoor playing activities are even closed from the beginning of virus spreading. Rapidly changing behavior symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety have been observed in children. Mostly, children can’t express their feelings therefore, they are adopting unhealthy activities to fight with the current situation. .

Parents are also feeling victims in the current situation as living rooms are switched into schools and offices. Parents are claiming health issues about their families. Anxiety, depression, fear, irritability and many other factors are being reported.

Children are becoming stubborn and cursing their parents. Kids are physically feeling lazy, useless and su-ffering in fatigue and sleeping problems, which leads to negative vision, insecurity, anger and sadness.

Children are likely to be experiencing fear of dying and other medical treatment. People are foreboding that the current situation is killing children psychologically and physically. While due to overeating children are getting fat and overuse of devices make them gadget addicted.

Totally cut off from the social life making them learn to live in isolation like an introvert.

There is no doubt that children’s physical and mental health is in danger but who is responsible for this? This pandemic or the caretakers/parents.

What I concluded from all of my observations that responsibility goes toward parents. How they act or react toward the circumstances of a pandemic while holding children’s duties. Here I would like to flashback to our ancestors’ lives who enjoyed their lives and relationship within the least facilities. Their relations with children were tremendous, everyone was ready to spend time with children. In research we find their remarkable lifestyle but I will not go far behind, I am looking for what we have had learned or adopt from them.

We are living in 21st century, we are overwhelmed with electronic media, parents have less time to spend on gossip so devices are the best solution invented to make them engaged. It’s obvious that parents’ way of nurturing leaves a long-term impact on children’s future. It all depends on the parents, how they are communicating with them while they are also suffering in constant stress. In fact, due to the pandemic stress caretakers/Parents don’t want to laugh with children while they are suffering in multiple threats like salaries cut or job loss.

Its important for every parent to maintain a balance between the surviving battle of their own and children’s stress. Pay some extra attention to your offspring as a part of your own suffering in a constructing manner. Build some positive thoughts, come up with new ideas of handling current situations. Keep in mind this is the perfect time to teach our children how to fight with problems in a productive manner. Help children to boost their strength, introduce them indoor exercises, avoid junk food and focus on more nutritious food.

Fixed timings must be assigned for their physical or electronic activities. During remote learning, fix study place in the home. If mobility within the premises is possible then better to switch places according to the subjects which may bring a positive effect.

It is advised, Don’t die before Death, the survival of the fittest needs to be learn. Be your own therapist, learn how to fight with this battle and help your family to cope with the situation. Encourage children to use devices wisely and produce some brilliant ideas. The situation will change one day but we will leave our footprints behind that will be a witness of our fight against the pandemic.

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