Chileans fight Against Dictatorial law

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The 154- member Chilean Constitutional Convention has okayed the draft of the Country’s new constitution and presented the document to the President. According to the details, President Gabriel Boric put his stamp on the document and issued a decree for holding a nationwide referendum to get the consent of the public regarding this important document. During the constitutional ceremony, President, Gabriel Boric said that the Chilean people should be proud of this movement that has come after the decades-long political struggle. According to him, the Chileans have chosen democracy for themselves, and a plurinational, intercultural, and ecological statehood for their country. Boric was of the view that the new constitution will recognize divine principles such as dignity, freedom, and equality of its subjects and will guarantee the social rights of the citizens.

The Republic of Chile has lived in a state of chaos and Political disagreement since late 2019 when a public uprising against price hikes turned into an anti-government row over extreme social inequality, state suppression, and dictatorial laws introduced by the former Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet, who ruled the country during 1973-1990. Although, the former dictator introduced free-market reforms and industrialization in the country and Chile achieved a 4.7% growth rate during the 1990s. But, military ruler coined such laws which promoted social and monetary discrimination and inequality in the society. According to reports, the top 10% Chilean elite used to eat up 90 percent wealth and resources of this rich and developed Latin American nation. These injustices led to a public rebellion against the system by end of 2019 and the government formed a 154-member constitutional convention to discuss a new constitution for the country. After years-long hard work, the constitutional body presented a constitutional draft for the approval of the public.

Although the Chilean Constitutional Convention had agreed on a consensus document and removed all maladies and cataclysm from the law, hence, there are some delusions about the new constitution and polls suggest mixed results of the referendum. In fact, the dark days of suppression, injustice, and miseries weakened the public belief in the administration, however, loyal and sincere leadership can restore the public trust in the government.

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