China does not rule out the first nuclear strike on US

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Sergey Khvostik

A senior Beijing official believes China should take a more aggressive stance amid the growing US military presence in the Pacific and the AUKUS military alliance with Britain and Australia.

Beijing should abandon its policy of not being the first to use nuclear weapons and “rebuff” the new alliances that Washington is creating in the Pacific. This statement was made by the former UN Deputy Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs Sha Zukang, quoted by the British edition of the Daily Mail.

During the nuclear policy summit, he said it was time for his country to reconsider and adjust its commitment to use nuclear weapons only in retaliation, as the US builds new military alliances in the Pacific and increases its military presence next to China.

Zukang said the country’s current policy, in place since the 1960s, has given China “moral credibility,” but is not suitable at this time until his country and the United States agree that neither side will use nuclear weapons. weapon first.

The announcement comes amid reports that China is building hundreds of new mines for nuclear weapons in a remote desert area near the city of Hami in the northern part of the country bordering Mongolia.

Recall that on September 16 it became known about the establishment of a new security partnership between the US, UK and Australia, received the abbreviated acronym AUKUS, said the Office of the British Prime Minister. In a statement, the leaders of the three states “have agreed on a landmark defense and security partnership that will defend and promote common interests in the Indo-Pacific region.”

The report said the first AUKUS initiative would be to work together on future nuclear submarines for Australia.

The initial evaluation of the new project is expected to last 18 months. The design and assembly process will employ hundreds of highly qualified scientific and engineering professionals across the UK, and will also attract investment in some of the UK’s high-tech sectors. The UK and the US are already leading members of NATO, the world’s most important defense alliance. The work done by AUKUS will support common goals in new regions, ensuring stability and protecting the peoples of these countries from new threats.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted that the creation of the union, in particular, will provide his country with new jobs.

“Great Britain, Australia and the United States are natural allies, although our countries are divided geographically, our interests and values are common. The AUKUS Alliance will bring us closer than ever, forging new defense partnerships and creating jobs and prosperity. This partnership will become increasingly important to safeguard our interests in the Indo-Pacific region and, as a result, protect our people at home, ”the statement said.

In the light of the conclusion of agreements on the construction of submarines by Great Britain and the United States, it became known that Australia had terminated the contract concluded in 2017 with the French company Naval Group for the supply of Barracuda submarines.

Paris was supposed to supply 12 attack submarines to Canberra, the contract was estimated at $ 50 billion. Canberra tore up the largest defense contract in its history with France, declaring that it no longer serves Australia’s national interests.

In response, Paris accused the Australian authorities of deliberate deception and recalled its ambassadors to Australia and the United States for consultations.

In light of the rift, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Australia’s abandonment of the French contract in favor of the United States undermined the confidence of its allies.

“These are echoes of an era that we thought was over. This is not just a breakdown of the contract in the field of arms and industry, it is an undermining of trust between the allies, ” he said.

Also, the French foreign ministry called on to check AUKUS for compliance with the principles of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

“The scope of the cooperation announced on September 16 is unknown. It is necessary to obtain explanations to assess its consequences, especially in the area of nonproliferation, ”the ministry’s press service noted.

The head of the US State Department, Anthony Blinken, tried to smooth over this situation. According to him, he was in contact with representatives of Paris in order to discuss AUKUS.

“We welcome the important role played by European countries in the Indo-Pacific region, and we look forward to continuing close cooperation with NATO partners in the  European Union, especially France. She is a vital partner in this and other matters, ”he said.

In turn, American political scientist Rafael Ordukhanyan stated that in the current situation Russia could not interfere in the confrontation between the United States and China, but deal with its internal problems.

This requires the state will and determination of financial groups for the expressive development of Siberia and the Far East.

“We have to play the card skillfully and get the most out of both the US and China. We can now, by pushing our players a little bit, take advantage of the respite and take care of our country. But Lavrov, Shoigu and Putin alone will not be enough. We need our entire ruling class to pay attention to this opportunity and start developing the country, ”he said.

Later, UN Secretary General António Guterres said he was concerned about tensions between the United States and China. In particular, he called for avoiding a “new cold war”.

“I believe that the current situation, when we are moving towards two completely confrontational countries, is dangerous for the world,” Guterres said, quoted by RIA Novosti.

He noted that the risks of starting a new “cold war” may lie, in particular, in the creation of “conflicting military doctrines.”

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