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China FM: US takes an extremely controversial American-centric position in international arena

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BEIJING (TASS): Chinese authorities consider US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s statement about China as “the most serious challenge to the global international order” a sign of a serious deviation of relations between the two countries from the normal course. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced this on Saturday.
“This [Blinken’s] speech on China policy <…> indicates a serious deviation from the course of Sino-American relations. We want to tell the American side: our country is not at all what the United States subjectively imagines, – The website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry quotes him as saying: “We are promoting reforms and strengthening openness, we are striving for mutually beneficial cooperation at an even higher level. China will become even better, and the world will be even more beautiful thanks to it.”
As Wang Yi elaborated, Washington takes an extremely controversial American-centric position in the international arena, guided by the concepts of the Cold War. “This contradicts the [objective] course of history and can only lead to conflicts and confrontation, to a split in the world community,” he stressed. “In fact, the United States has already become the main cause of the destabilization of the international order, has become an obstacle to the democratization of international relations.”
China’s foreign minister noted that Sino-US cooperation “is at a crossroads.” “The US must make the rig-ht choice, <…> focus on fi-nding the right way to build relations with China in a way that befits two leading powers, on the principles of mutual resp-ect, peaceful coexistence and mutual benefit,” Yi concluded.
Earlier, Anthony Blinken said that even taking into account the situation in Ukraine, the White House administration considers China’s policy “the most serious challenge to the international order.” In his opinion, because of Beijing’s position, the world community “may move away from the universal values that have largely ensured progress for more than 75 years.”

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