China helped Afghanistan by maintaining embassy

KABUL (TOLOnews): Islamic Emirate spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid expressed gratitude for the continuous Chinese diplomatic presence in Kabul. He made the remarks during an interview with a Chinese media outlet.
“We are grateful for the Chinese government. They helped our nation by keeping their embassy open and active,” Mujahid noted.
According to the Islamic Emirate spokesman, Kabul and Beijing are now in contact over a variety of sectors, including the Mes Aynak project.
“We are still speaking with them about a number of issues, including the Qashgari project, which will be addressed, and the Mes Aynak project, which is also being resolved. Both Afghanistan and China need to invest and benefit. The way China sees investing in Afghanistan is admirable, and we both need it. China, on the other hand, needs a market for its investments in the region,” Mujahid added.
However, some political analysts said that Kabul should pursue a balanced policy with all nations.
“The closer we get to China, the more things we lose. The only thing that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan can do in today’s situation is to maintain the balance, if they do not maintain the balance, proxy wars will start in Afghanistan,” said Salim Paigir, a political analyst.
“China can be recognized as a good and reliable partner in the field of Afghan mining if Afghanistan’s economic interests are considered necessary, above any other political and economic goals,” said Shakir Yaqoobi, an economist.
Even though the Islamic Emirate has embassies in Beijing, Tehran, Istanbul, Islamabad, Dubai, Moscow, and a number of Arab and African nations, no nation has yet formally recognized it.