China-Iran strategic partnership

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Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi and Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian announced the launch of a plan for comprehensive cooperation between the two countries for 25 years, during a meeting held in the Capital of Jiangsu, Chinese Eastern Province on Saturday. The two sides jointly announced to strengthen cooperation in energy, infrastructure, production capacity, science and technology, medical and health care, in agriculture and fishery, cyber security, and strengthen people-to-people contacts and cultural exchanges in education, film, and talent training to produce more tangible results of bilateral engagement.

According to Wang Yi, China firmly opposes the illegal unilateral sanctions against Iran, opposes political manipulation by taking advantage of human rights and other issues, and also opposes gross interference in the internal affairs of Iran and other countries in the region. The Chinese Foreign Minister expressed Chinese desire to work with Iran, while continuing to firmly support each other in defending their core interests, hold high the banner of multilateralism, oppose hegemonism and power politics, safeguard the basic norms of international relations, and safeguard global fairness and justice. While speaking at the occasion Iranian Foreign Minister Abdullahyan said that Iran appreciates China’s role as a major country and diplomatic wisdom in international affairs, and is willing to jointly oppose bullying and unilateral sanctions to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both countries.

China and Iran signed a Strategic agreement last year to set course for a long term bilateral strategic cooperation while the practical phase of the agreement was kicked off by the two countries during recent days. The main arenas of cooperation are energy, communication, infrastructure and Security as well as political collaboration at international level. According to analysts, China has secured its oil needs on a long term basis besides expanding its influence in the Middle East through this agreement. In fact, China perceives oil rich Iran as an important trade partner in the region while strategic partnership was a common need of both nations in the wake of US’s aggressive policy toward them. The idea of China-Iran partnership was first envisioned by Chinese President Xi Jinping in line with his broader concept of global connectivity through Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) during his visit to Iran in 2016, which has entered the implementation phase in early 2022. During the Wang-Hossein meeting, China supported Iran’s view point on Iranian Nuclear program and blasted America for unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA, while calling the United States to correct its mistakes as soon as possible through resumption of negotiations for the implementation of the JCPOA.

In fact, China-Iran partnership will expand Chinese influence in the region and also help Iran in easing its economic strains and reducing the impact of global isolation. The partnership will consolidate the Chinese and Iranian position against the United States, which sees China-Iran collaboration as a great threat to its global interests. Chinese growing influence had created challenges for the US in Africa and the East Asian region during the past, now China has entered in the Middle Eastern market through striking a deal with Iran. Currently, China has successfully neutralized America’s political and military doctrine, besides securing its economic interest in the Persian Gulf region. Though, China and Iran had played cards smartly while America’s stratagem will set the future course of the game.

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