China mission center and challenge ahead

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US media has reported that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has created China Mission Center (CMC), a special center in its structure to counter the global challenge from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). According to CIA Chief William Burns, the threat comes from the Chinese government not from its people. Director Burns explained that the new center will provide a comprehensive management response and consolidate the exceptional work the CIA is already doing against this key rival. He said that the center will further strengthen the collective work on the most important geopolitical threat America faces in the 21st century, the increasingly hostile PRC government. Burns stressed that, despite the creation of a new center specializing in issues related to the PRC, the CIA will continue to pay close attention to other important threats, which include aggressive Russia, provocative North Korea, hostile Iran, and the fight against terrorism.

While revealing his manifesto Director Burns said that the CIA will establish a Transnational and Technology Mission Center, which will focus on global issues critical to the competitiveness of the United States including new technologies, economic security, climate change and ensuring public health. In fact, CIA leadership is so devoted that it wants to embrace all important and challenging avenues of present-day America into itself, however, someone must tell the veteran Diplomat that Biden has a pool of aides to oversee those things and foretellers have to warn and neutralized the threat instead of meddling in other businesses. According to reports, the world premier agency has announced the innovations planned to incorporate into its structure following the results of the strategic reviews launched by the CIA. It was said that the CIA leadership believes that the introduction of all these changes in the organizational structure of management and its approaches will enable a better response to the current and future national security challenges of the United States.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the United States premier Intelligence Service which deals with the external threats to the national security and global supremacy of the country. Although a China Cell would be already working in the agency, however creation of a dedicated Center shows that the United States has attached utmost importance to Chinese expansionism in the contemporary world. In fact, William Burns wants to gather all China related resources and capabilities under one roof including knowledgeable personnel, Chinese experts, linguists, China specific scholars and analysts, technologists, and required financial resources so a wide variety of intelligentsia collectively use its knowledge, skills, and expertise to counter Chinese threat under sole platform of CIA.

According to experts, the United States pulled out its troops from Afghanistan and Iraq so it can use maximum available resources against China. Although China Mission Center (CMC) would be a new puzzle for Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), however Chinese are well known to the America’s modus operandi, which CIA successfully used against the former Soviet Union, Communist Poland, Venezuelan Hugo Chavez, Brazilian Goulart and many others during the past. Therefore, Burns must invent new tools for his agents’ provocateurs to deceive Xi Jinping and his comrades. Presently, William Burns has hit the drum while announcing the formation of China Mission Center in CIA however the response of Chen and MSS has yet to come.

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