China opposes US finger pointing at Pakistan

BEIJING (AFP): China on Monday said it opposes the US “finger pointing” at Pakistan and linking it with terrorism, insisting that the responsibility of cracking down on terror outfits cannot be placed on a particular country.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told a media briefing that Pakistan on it part was fulfilling its responsibility creaking-down on terrorists.
He was responding to a question on a White House official’s remarks that China could play helpful role in convincing Pakistan that it was in its national interest to crackdown on terror safe havens.
The spokesperson said, “Terrorism is a public enemy of mankind and its fight against terrorism requires the concerted efforts of the international community.
China has always opposed the link between terrorism and specific countries, nor is it in favor of pushing the anti-terrorism responsibility to a certain country. We have said many times that Pakistan has made an important contribution to the fight against terrorism and made enormous sacrifices.
The international community should fully affirm Pakistan’s anti-terrorist efforts. All countries should step up counter-terrorism cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and equality instead of blaming and suppressing each other.
 This is not conducive to the effective formation of an effective anti-terrorism joint effort by the international community.”
As for as the contention that China is defending Pakistan, the spokesperson said he  would like to say that China is just defending all those countries that fight against terrorism, not just Pakistan.
To a question that whether China is willing to cooperate with the United States on this account, the spokesperson said, as he had stated earlier, China supports and actively participates in all the international anti-terrorism cooperation based on mutual respect and equality.