China warns Japan on NATO, hopes it refrains from undermining trust in region

BEIJING (Reuters): The Chinese embassy in Japan said on Monday that NATO’s plan to expand into the Asia-Pacific violates UN rules and hoped Japan, in its interaction with NATO, would refrain from actions that undermine trust among countries in the region.

It may be recalled that on July 12, the United States denied “inviting Asian nations to join the bloc.”

The denial came on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Lithuania when US Ambassador Julianne Smith said “we’re not adding members from the Indo-Pacific.”

“We’re breaking down barriers between America’s Atlantic allies and America’s Pacific allies to look at common challenges like cybersecurity, emerging and disruptive technology, maritime security,” she told VOA. “There’s a whole array of issues where we can learn from one another without bringing anyone from the Indo-Pacific formally into the alliance.”

Beijing criticised joint NATO statement that said China challenges the groups’ interests and security with “coercive policies.” A Chinese diplomat said the communique disregarded facts and misrepresented Beijing’s position.